Iyanya – Sexy Mama Ft. Wizkid [Official Video]

Triple MG presents one of the biggest music collaborations in recent times – IYANYA featuring WIZKID in the official video for the monster track – SEXY MAMA, Directed by Sesan. SEXY MAMA music video is literarily your wildest dream come true, featuring live from the hottest known catalogues; some of the creamiest and sexiest ladies dancing to one of the biggest club bangers recently released…

The 10 Most Underpaid Jobs


.There’s clearly a subjective element to our methodology, and economists are right to assert that pay determined in a free-market economy generally reflects a fair value for what any given worker has to offer. Still, should employment pick up and slack in the workforce tighten, underpaid workers could be the first to see significant raises. Here’s our list of the most underpaid jobs: Continue reading

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Jewish man covers himself in plastic bag during flight


A Jewish man covered himself in a plastic bag on a plane because his religion forbids him to fly over cemeteries. The man is a Kohein, a religious descendant of the priests of ancient Israel, who are banned from flying over cemeteries. The photo was posted on Reddit yesterday and has gone viral.

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Shocking picture: Mum throws her baby down to fight another woman


A woman threw her young child down to fight another woman who she felt was disrespecting her in a bus.The two women were arguing over a relationship a relative of the mother had with the other woman’s boyfriend. The young mother yelled:

“If you’re over it, why are you approaching me on the bus?. Someone grab my baby! I’m going beat the s*** out of you on this bus little girl. This b**** has disrespected me in front of my baby, man. I’ll hit that b****.

She then threw her baby down to fight. Another passenger in the bus filmed the incident which happened in New York. Watch the video after the cut…

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Kenny Ogungbe on why he didn’t attend 2face Idibia’s Dubai wedding



2face started his solo career with Kenny Ogungbe’s music label, Kennis Music, back in 2004. They parted ways amicably a few years later…or so we thought! When asked by an Encomium reporter why he didn’t attend 2face Idibia’s Dubai wedding, Mr Ogungbe replied:“I don’t think it is something you should ask me. Go and ask 2face why Primetime and Kennis Music were not in attendance. I am too old to start joining issues with people